Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are we in a Long Term Bull Market?

Good question!

Although it is a brave stand to take, especially for a long term call, all indications show that we are indeed in a long term trend.

The view can be taken from various standpoints.

The bottom that we saw in Nifty and Sensex 2008 after the massive fall was actually the start of the 3rd wave on a long term basis. On a slightly lesser time frame, we are currently in the 3rd of 3rd wave, which started in 2011. On a shorter time frame, the Modi victory is another 3rd wave, but on a much more shorter time frame.

Business cycle research by several big MNC research and consultancy companies shows that India is set to grow at a staggering pace from 2015-2035, even beating China in these years. The scenario is slowly playing out. India is on course to be by far the 3rd largest nation on GDP on PPP basis.

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