Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sensex 20000, Nifty 6000 what next?

M Jagadish
Many investors have been left scrambling to get into the markets this time. The market consolidated around 5200 to 5500 for a long time before shooting up without any pause. What could be the real reason?

As we've emphasized many times, we are in a multi-year 3rd wave bull run. Even a couple of thousand point corrections cannot stop the markets. Part of the reason is that overseas investors need to park their money into growth. Secondly, 6000 Nifty is no Mount Everest. When Nifty reaches 40000, 6000 will seem like nothing. Its happened in many markets world-wide, it could happen here. The developed world has seen it happen most recently (the last 50-60 years) even in the US, Japan and others. In any case, the amount of money coming in is in billions, it is still peanuts compared to what money is waiting to be invested.